Our L.A. Office has Moved!

Open for Business
Open for Business

Dear Friends,

Effective Wednesday, June 1, 2011, Visual Terrain is happy to announce the opening of its new office space in the beautiful city of Santa Clarita. We have waved farewell to Van Nuys, and moved to our new location adjacent to the Santa Clara River, with access to 45 miles of cycling and walking trails. With over 5,600 square feet of office space, we hope to provide a creative, productive home for our employees and your projects. We are now central to numerous restaurants, shopping, hotels and many other amenities, and we look forward to having you visit us.

The new building is the cornerstone of the transition that began when I became President and CEO of Visual Terrain, after the departure of my long-time partners Dawn Hollingsworth and Jeff Ravitz. (We wish them both well!) We have completed the opening of our Midwest office in Chicago, headed by Mike Mahlum, while our East Coast office with Ken Daniel continues to thrive. 

Meanwhile, our lean, but not mean, staff of ten — featuring designers Steven Young, Ryan Raica, Jen Goldstein and Rose Yager, marketing manager Heidi Hirsch, office manager Swanee Konklin, and our newest employee, general manager David Green — is keeping the focus as we return to our core competency: Lighting Design for Architecture, Attractions and The Arts. You will see this focus restated on our updated website at www.visualterrain.net, and all of our marketing materials.

To top off this eventful first half of the year, Visual Terrain has partnered with Mid-West Wholesale Lighting to provide procurement services for our clients. This exciting addition to our business model will allow us to “hold spec” for our projects, giving clients the power to better manage their budgets and get the lighting design they paid for.

We will be having an “office warming” party toward the end of summer. Watch your email for an announcement.

Thanks for all of your support, business, kindness and friendship over the past 15 years that we’ve been in business. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we look forward to an exciting and dynamic second half of the year… and beyond!

Best Regards,


Please note our new address and phone!

Lisa Passamonte Green
Chief Executive Officer
Visual Terrain
25217 Avenue Tibbitts
Santa Clarita, CA  91355

T | 661.775.7758
F | 661.775.7708