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Note: At this time, Visual Terrain will not be moving forward with a summer internship. We plan to continue our internship program in Summer of 2025. Please apply in 2025!

There is no better way to find out about what it’s like to intern at Visual Terrain than to hear it from the mouths of our interns themselves. Click the Past Intern Interviews links below for the real scoop!

Internship Application (PDF) 269 KB

The Visual Terrain Lighting Design Internship Program is an excellent opportunity for students in the theatre arts, interior design and/or architectural educational programs to gain knowledge of a diverse working environment. Interns work directly with designers and clients on projects, which may include themed attractions, corporate events, museum & traveling exhibits and or architectural lighting installations.

Our criteria for interns are as follows:

  • Applicants shall be currently enrolled in an accredited school.
  • Applicants shall receive some form of credit for interning.
  • Applicants shall be competent in both the theory and mechanics of lighting design.
  • Applicants must be familiar with AutoCAD, as well as conventional computer programs.

As an intern you’ll receive work opportunities that test and heighten your abilities, not busy work.

It is important that candidates exude upbeat energy, possess exceptional attention to detail, be highly motivated, and exhibit a passion for the art and science of lighting design. We’re looking for team players and/or leaders-in-training who can also accept direction easily (when needed). (Walking on water is optional, and sometimes handy.)

If you are a student who is interested in the  program, and fit these criteria, first, download and fill out an internship application. Email the application to us with a current copy of your resume and a cover letter. To create the email address, put the word “interns” (no quotes) in front of

Subject Line: Visual Terrain Internship Program

Or fax to 661.775.7708

Intern Sessions

Visual Terrain offers three intern sessions per year. Session Dates are flexible depending on intern availability. Note that all intern sessions are full-time, 40 hours-per-week positions. We have learned over the years that part-time internships while the intern is attending classes just add stress to the intern’s life, and leaves us, the intern, and the intern’s professors, unsatisfied!

Approximately May through September. Applications due April 1.

Approximately September through December. Applications due June 1.

Approximately January through May. Applications due October 1.

(Due dates are subject to change.)

About Us (the short version)

Visual Terrain is an internationally known firm that specializes in lighting and media design for architecture, attractions and the arts. CEO and principal designer Lisa Passamonte Green started the company that is now Visual Terrain in 1995. We have opened projects on every continent but Antarctica, and have clients that include some of the best-known companies in the world. With 12 employees in offices in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas, we are able to handle some of the most challenging, interesting and fun projects on the planet!

We believe that if you love your job, then you don’t mind working hard, so we are looking for people who really, really, really love lighting design.

Our office in the city of Santa Clarita, overlooking the Santa Clara River, offers easy access to restaurants, shopping, golf, continuing education, and nearly 100 miles of bike trails.

Basic Qualifications (aka Must-Haves)

  • Working towards a Bachelor or Masters Degree in Architectural, Theater Design with an emphasis in lighting, Interior Design, Lighting, or Architectural Engineering.
  • Core interest in the lighting design industry with an emphasis in Theatrical or Architectural lighting design.
  • Familiarity with AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, AGI32, etc.
  • Proven interest in the built-environment.
  • Good time management habits, ability to multi-task, ability to sustain focus on long tasks.
  • Ability to communicate thoughts and technical ideas in an accessible way.
  • Attitude of taking initiative, enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, teamwork, creativity.

Desired Skills (aka Icing on the Cake… and we like icing!)

  • 3.3 GPA or higher, working towards a Master’s Degree.
  • Coursework in Theatrical Lighting, Architectural, Interiors or Lighting Design.
  • Experience with Revit. (You can download a free trial copy here.)
  • Experience with AutoCAD and/or Vectorworks.
  • Evidence of past internship or extracurricular activity in the field.
  • Proven ability to perform in a paid work environment with intermittent supervision.
  • Past history of technical presentations and technical writing.
  • Evidence of personal investment in academic or extracurricular field.

Responsibilities (aka How You Will Spend Your Days)

  • Supporting the design staff locally and in the Chicago and other remote offices.
  • Helping us put out random, project-based fires.
  • Report writing.
  • Working with drawings in Revit (and/or AutoCAD).
  • Attending meetings and learning from listening, asking questions and discussion.
  • Working with people from other disciplines and/or vendors.

Past Intern Interviews

Summer 2022
Amy Heigaard-Barbee

Summer 2019
Nina Agelvis

Summer 2018
Michael Ekema-Nardella

Summer 2016
Taylor Maurer

Summer 2015
Nick Saiki

Spring 2015
Darius Gangei

Fall 2014
Kathryn Eipl

Summer 2014
David Arterberry
Amy Trick