Career Opportunities

Visual Terrain hires qualified, highly energetic, creative people who are willing to travel. Our team has degrees in theatrical or architectural lighting design, interior design and other related fields.

It is important for our team members to be team players, capable of working with all disciplines in the field, as well as in our individual offices. A good sense of humor and a willingness to learn are as important as your credentials.

STATUS: We are not currently looking for Lighting Designers. However, that could change at any time! Feel free to contact us if you are looking for work:

For a complete list of job responsibilities, please contact us.

Please send resumes to us at the email address created by putting the word “careers” (no quotes) in front of

Applications for Employment
Note: Please do not fill out an Application for Employment until we have requested an interview with you!

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What Makes Visual Terrain a Great Place to Work?

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: As a woman-owned, minority-owned company, Visual Terrain is not just committed to diversity, equity and inclusion: We live it every day. It is important to us to reflect the world we live in, and for our team to represent the guests who visit our projects around the globe.

Benefits: Visual Terrain offers medical, vision and dental insurance, that is 100% paid for each employee. We also pay 50% of benefits for spouses and dependents. Benefits are paid on a pre-tax basis, so employees don’t have any tax liability for their benefits. Visual Terrain offers retirement benefits through a 401(k) and Roth IRA plan. We contribute 3% of employee’s salary, regardless of employee contribution. We have a generous number of holidays through the year, including floating holidays for use at employees’ choice, and two weeks of vacation, increasing to three after five years of service.

Workplace: Since the 2020 pandemic, Visual Terrain has operated as a hybrid workplace. While we still maintain offices in the Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and Paris metro areas, some of our employees work from home in Texas, Tennessee, and Kansas.

Travel Opportunities: Part of Visual Terrain’s design philosophy is to see our projects through to opening day when possible. This opens up travel opportunities throughout the US, and around the globe. Visual Terrain has opened projects on six continents, and our team has traveled to many of them.

Theater: Visual Terrain encourages our theatrically trained lighting designers to continue to keep their skills strong by doing theatrical shows throughout the year. Employees may choose to either run these projects through Visual Terrain as “f/s/o” (for services of) projects, or they may use accrued vacation and keep the fees for themselves.

Continuing Education: Visual Terrain encourages its employees to keep learning! Opportunities for classes, seminars and trade shows are budgeted into our year, so employees can continue to grow and improve upon their lighting, media design and management skill sets.

Community Connection: As longtime members of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), IALD, IES, DLF, AIA, USITT, IAAPA, and other local and national organizations, Visual Terrain is connected to our communities. We try to remain active, and encourage our employees to participate actively.