A Very Thea Weekend

The weekend of March 15 was a momentous one for Visual Terrain! In addition to bringing home its 16th Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement as part of the team for the Bermuda Storm Theater attraction at the Chimelong Spaceship in Zhuhai, China, Visual Terrain owners Lisa Passamonte Green and David Green received the Peter Chernack Award for Distinguished Service that had been announced in November 2023.

To mark the occasion, Visual Terrain brought all employees (with the exception of Austin Kelm, who was on vacation) to Los Angeles to attend the ceremony and enjoy some “we time.” It was the first time most the Visual Terrain employees, as well as several family members, had been together since before the pandemic and a fine time was had by all.

Additionally, Steven Young presented the Thea award Extended Reality Exhibit for Colored (Noire), sharing the stage with Monai Rooney.

Continue scrolling for a gallery of video and images from the entire weekend.