Kathryn Eipl

Project Manager Intern

In lieu of a bio, we ask our interns questions about their experience at Visual Terrain. Here are Kathryn’s responses:


1. In your studies, you are concentrating on Theatrical Management, what made you want to learn more about lighting design?

Part of being a manager is having an understanding for each area/department that you are working with. Even though I had an understanding about theatrical lighting design before starting this internship, I knew that was only one aspect of lighting. I wanted to be exposed to lighting design in a context, I had never experienced.

2. So far, what’s your favorite part about working at Visual Terrain?

Visual Terrain is a team of people working together to achieve goals and deadlines. Everyone is always willing to help each other out; no one is left to work solely on their own. No one is afraid to ask for help when they need it. Also, the team is very good about sharing Internet memes and videos with one another.

3. What do you hope you will learn most from your time at VTI?

In my time at Visual Terrain, I hope to gain more insight on what it takes to manage multiple on-going projects. Also, I wanted to experience different perspectives and styles of management.

4. Did your time with Visual Terrain affect your career or academic plans in any way?

Yes, my time at Visual Terrain has confirmed that I would like to pursue my current career path in Project Management. Furthermore, it sparked my desire to one day start my own company.

5. How much was the work you did/experience you had at Visual Terrain different from what you expected before you started?

I honestly expected to work on one or two projects, but there were definitely days were I worked on multiple projects with various stages of involvement on each project. I did not realize how many projects are started years before they before they plan to open.

6. Is there any piece of project management knowledge you wish you had known before you joined us? If not, is there anything you knew before you joined us that really made your experience better?

Before interning a VT, I had a working knowledge of Project Management that helped me adjust to the workflow and process at VT faster. In addition, this internship allowed me to realize that sometimes it is the littlest things that you do around the office, can often be the biggest help down the road. A lot of people say, “It’s the little things that matter” but you do not actually realize it until you see it happen.