Darius Gangei Spring Intern Interview

Darius Gangei

Lighting design Intern, Spring 2015

In lieu of a bio, Principal Designer Steven Young asks our interns questions about their experience at Visual Terrain. Here are Darius’ responses:

1. How is this experience different from your work in theatre?

DG: During my time at Visual Terrain I was able to work on different projects ranging from Themed entertainment and Architecture. I’ve found through my experiences that they are similar to theater in the design aspect, but you are required to supply much more documentation and extreme detail for each project, as they are permanent installations.

2. What was your favorite part about Visual Terrain, Inc.?

DG: Personally, my favorite part about Visual Terrain was being given the chance to work with a great team that involves constant collaboration for each of their projects. Each designer is able to work on a range of different projects throughout their day-to-day work. This allows the designers to constantly get different exposure as they work through different design phases based on that specific project.

3. What did you hope you would learn most from your time at VTI?

DG: My hope within coming to Visual Terrain was to expand my designed process from theater into themed entertainment and architecture. I wanted the chance to work on real-life projects, which enable you to constantly learn and work through each process. Also, having the ability to expand my documentation skills while working on a project through each design phase. In the end I feel like I was able to learn a great deal more than I expected during my time at Visual Terrain.

4. Did your time with Visual Terrain affect your career or academic plans in any way?

DG: Visual Terrain greatly impacted the way I want to set my career in life. Looking ahead, I want to continue to pursue the path of themed entertainment, while also working on architectural projects throughout my career.

5. How much was the work you did/experience you had at Visual Terrain different from what you expected before you started?

DG: If you were to ask me this question at the start of the internship three months ago, I would have not expected the amount that I have learned and grown during my time at Visual Terrain. From day one, I was incorporated and pulled into the team with constant help and support throughout my time spent at my internship. I was given real responsibilities on real-life projects, which personally I would not expect most companies to give that much responsibility to their interns. I’ve learned a great deal, more than I expected to from the start of my internship. I am excited to pursue my career ahead and adapt what I have learned at Visual Terrain.

6. Any other comments?

DG: One last thing I would like to say is that the Designers, Owners and HR people at Visual Terrain really care and want you to learn during your internship. I was fortunate enough to have a surprise birthday celebration from the whole team, which really makes you feel welcome and part of the team. After all I can truly say that everyone at Visual Terrain is one big designer family!