Michael Mahlum Promoted to Principal Designer

michael-mahlumVisual Terrain, Inc. has promoted Michael Mahlum to principal designer.

Mahlum, who has been with the firm since 2006, joins the firm’s other principals, Lisa Passamonte Green (CEO and Principal in Charge) and Ken Daniel (Director of New Ventures). A Chicago-area resident, he runs the Midwest U.S. office for Visual Terrain, and is currently leading design projects from South Africa, to Asia, as well as locally in Chicago and all over the U.S.

Educated at Carnegie Mellon University (MFA in Lighting Design) and the University of Wyoming (Bachelor of Fine Arts), Mahlum has designed dozens of projects over his seven years at Visual Terrain, and has won awards for his lighting in 2011 (IESNA Awards of Merit, Lumen West Awards of Excellence) and 2009 (TEA Thea Award).

We are proud to have Mike on our team,” said Visual Terrain president David Green. “He is the ultimate team player — a leader, mentor, and very hard worker — and our clients love him too. By making him a principal, we are merely acknowledging the role he has already been playing.”

Mahlum retains his title of Director of Design and Production.