Client Profile: Hugo Boss

Visual Terrain has been the lighting designer for Hugo Boss stores in The Americas since 2010. Since that time, Visual Terrain has completed designs on nearly 150 stores in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and several countries in Central and South America. These stores include “traditional” Hugo Boss stores, as well as stores in the HUGO and BOSS brands.

Visual Terrain’s goal is to support Hugo Boss’ vision to be “the most desirable premium fashion & lifestyle brand.” Over the 10 years of working together this vision has evolved through several different “concepts,” giving each store a style of lighting that is unique to the brand.

In support of each project, Visual Terrain has worked closely with distributor Tarrant Lighting to create designs appropriate to The Americas, while feeling integrated with the European roots of the brand. Visual Terrain has been fortunate enough to work with Hugo Boss and Tarrant long enough to be able to design some stores more than once, evolving and elevating the lighting design through each iteration.

Visual Terrain’s Hugo Boss efforts are currently led by Principal Designer, Kate Furst.

Photo Credits
Denver Thornton: Richard Caden
King of Prussia: Richard Caden
Glendale: David Paul Green
Century City: David Paul Green