Dragons Wild Shooting, Lotte World, South Korea

Project: Dragons Wild Shooting
Owner: Lotte World, South Korea
Client: The Hettema Group
Photographer: Dongwook Jung/The Hettema Group

World-renowned producers The Hettema Group hired Visual Terrain to provide the lighting design for Dragons Wild Shooting  (originally named Dragons Go-Go Wild), an interactive dark ride at Lotte World, the largest theme park in South Korea. The attraction uniquely combines shooting gallery thrills with a narrative dark ride.

Working closely with creative director Zane Jensch and the Hettema Group team, Visual Terrain created an experience that blended three-dimensional with projected scenery.

Steven Young, Visual Terrain’s Director of Design and onsite designer, remarked, “It is crucial that the lighting be used to maintain the playfulness of the ride, while still being mindful of shadows and light levels and how they affect the projection surfaces. We adjusted focus, color and levels with each new version of the media until a final locked animation was produced. The Electronic Theatre Controls Mosaic controllers allowed for us to program asynchronous timelines to react to target ‘hits’ and special bonuses throughout the attraction.”

Lotte World specifically requested a low-maintenance attraction, so Visual Terrain created a theatrical lighting system utilizing almost entirely LED sources, including 174 Times Square LED10P mini ellipsoidal luminaires with Philips 10w MR-16 lamps, 36 Darklight Systems Gantom IQ LED pattern projectors, and 145 Darklight Systems Precision DMX color changing floodlights. Even the finger strobes by Birket Engineering used 7w LED strobe modules instead of the traditional xenon light sources. Rounding out the equipment list, LED water/fire effects projectors by Precision Projection Systems and decorative themed pendants and sconces by Robers Leuchten made the attraction come alive with dragons!

Visual Terrain collaborated with strategic partners Bandit Lites, who provided the system integration and installation, and Ptarmigan Integration, who programmed with Visual Terrain for the entire attraction via laptop to redundant Mosaic controllers.

Award: 2014 IESNA Illumination Awards, Award of Merit