Mann Theatre


Location: Aurora, Colorado

The lighting design concept for the voluminous entry lobby at Mann’s Theatres in Aurora, Colorado was to create a beacon of light which could not only be seen for miles, but would attract moviegoers’ imaginations.

The cinema complex is modeled after the famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The featured Chinese archway and flanking spire towers are lit by Mastercolor HID lamps to enhance the color and provide easy maintenance. The three-headed post lanterns are 100 watt Mastercolor lamps to warm the sidewalk entry. The interior of the main lobby is illuminated with 70 and 100 watt Mastercolor PAR lamps mounted behind the mullions of the glass and in a soffit over the door.

The murals lining the walls were lit with linear fluorescent, while the center apex of the ceiling was lit with HID fixtures hidden atop the concessions stand. Automated luminaires mounted on the top of the concessions stand mimic the searchlights of the company’s logo.

Lighting Designer: Dawn Hollingsworth, LC
Theming Designer: Penwal Industries
Behr Bowers Architects
Aurora, CO
Lumen West Award of Merit, IIDA Award of Merit