Private Residence

This residence is located on land filled with large heritage California Live Oaks, bronze sculptural elements, art and water features, western wagons, putting green, pool and outdoor living room area.

One goal of the new exterior lighting design was to unify the property visually at night to encourage the residents and their guests to explore and enjoy the various exterior areas. Another goal was to develop an energy-efficient design that required less maintenance than the lights they were replacing.

Each shrouded decorative bollard, pole, and pendant mounted in the trees has a common western aesthetic, providing light down to the path, while minimizing light trespass, to preserve the dark sky above the rural property.

Linear LED fixtures graze natural stone features, while also providing soft lighting for the seating area in front of the fireplace. Small LED accents and pendants provide task lighting over the barbecue and bar areas.

Awards: 2016 Lumen West Award of Merit

Photos: David Green