Top Secret!

What project is this? Shh! We can’t tell! (Or can we?)

Visual Terrain works on many, many projects under the ubiquitous Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA. That means that under contractual agreement with our clients, we are not allowed to reveal — on our website, in our promotional materials, or even in an email in some cases — that we worked on a certain project, or for a certain client.

However, we are allowed to tell you verbally, and we can oftentimes even show you pictures of our work. So, if you don’t see a type of project, or a specific project listed here, just give us a call and ask us. We are happy to describe to you all of the projects we’ve worked on, including:

  • Major theme parks and attractions around the world (including California and Florida)
  • Amazing high-end residences (we just can’t tell you whose)
  • Massive video walls
  • Museums, retail, and more…

Just remember: Mum’s the word!