Lucius Lee (Xu Li) - 李旭

Senior Lighting Designer

Lucius joins Visual Terrain as our third Senior Lighting Designer, and our fifth former Disney Imagineer. He bring over 10 years of experience in lighting design for theater, entertainment, commercial buildings, and more, including rich experience in installation direction on the field.

Lucius worked on the Shanghai Disney Resort project for five years, working with former VT principal designer, Paula Dinkel. Following his time at Disney, Lucius worked with Yuyuan Culture & Commercial Group in Shanghai, and Baseline Lighting Design Studio in Hong Kong.

In addition to being a lighting designer, Lucius is also a grandMA programmer, and skilled at lighting control protocols, including DMX, Art-Net and 0-10V systems. He is an expert renderer for both images and animations.

A graduate from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Lucius lives in California’s Inland Empire with his wife, Lily.

李旭加入 Visual Terrain,成為我們的第三位資深燈光設計師,也是我們的第五位前迪士尼幻想工程師。 他擁有超過10年的劇院、娛樂、商業建築等照明設計經驗,包括豐富的現場安裝指導經驗。

李旭在上海迪士尼度假區計畫工作了五年,與前 VT 首席設計師、TEA 大師 Paula Dinkel 合作。 離開迪士尼後,李旭曾在上海豫園文化商業集團和香港基線照明設計工作室工作。

除了是燈光設計師之外,李旭還是grandMA程式設計師,精通燈光控制協議,包括DMX、Art-Net和0-10V系統。 他是圖像和動畫的渲染專家。