Union Station 360

Located on the south patio of Los Angeles’ historic rail terminal, Union Station 360 is a multimedia extravaganza featuring projections, video, light, music and sound. Running for two weekends from July 15 to July 24, the 30-minute interactive spectacular skillfully blends imagery from Los Angeles, Hollywood movies, and abstract shapes and forms, with a powerful soundtrack. The production featured four produced 3-minute “shows” that highlighted Los Angeles and the LA Metro, with four interactive interstitials that invite guests to transform the entire space. An 8-foot touch-interactive sphere in the center of the patio created a central focal point around which the light, sound and video show occurred.

The entry area to the south patio, called “the Arcade,” featured three “larger than life” archway representations of the Union Station waiting room with triggered video events to surprise guests, featuring a variety of trains and busses.

Visual Terrain is excited to have been involved in this exciting project with The Hettema Group, alongside TRSA Music, Show Pro, LA ProPoint, Ouroboros Sphere, AME, 11:11 Creative, CAT Entertainment, and JT Studio.