Visual Terrain Virtual Summer Camp 2020

We are launching the Visual Terrain Virtual Summer Camp!
This will be a program of seven Thursdays of hourlong workshops, starting Thursday, July 23, and continuing through Thursday, September 3. Each weekly workshop will be led by one of our designers. Sessions will start at 11am Pacific Time.

We are limiting the number of signups to allow for more personal instruction. Registration is now closed.

Here is the schedule of workshops:

VTI Summer WorkshopsDescriptionTeacher
Week One (July 23):
1000 foot Introduction to Architectural Lighting DesignIn this first session, participants will be introduced to the world of Architectural and Themed Entertainment Lighting Design, plus exposure to a “new” project with both architectural and entertainment lighting possibilities. Topics to include commonalities and differences between styles of lighting and goals for each.Steven Young
Week Two (July 30):
My Journey to Light, Learning to use Light as a Story Telling DeviceKate Furst discusses light as a storytelling device. Then, we will discuss how to use light to reinforce project concepts, and talk about how to achieve these goals. Kate Furst
Week Three (August 6):
Quick and Dirty Photoshop RenderingsRose will introduce Photoshop tools and quick methods to help present lighting ideas and concepts to a client.  Rose Malone
Week Four (August 13):
How to Present Yourself and Your Lighting Design WorkSteven speaks about how visual artists can work with non-visual team members to verbally describe, write about, and even act out a lighting design concept. The workshop project will center around real world presentations of design concepts and how those concepts could be presented. At the end of the workshop, participants are to send portfolios and online information to the team for the following week’s discussion.Steven Young
Week Five (August 20):
Intern & Young Designer Portfolio ReviewsThe team gathers to informally review portfolios, discuss successes and failures. There will be a final reveal of the workshop project, including final paperwork, photos, and discussion of lessons learned.Led by Christina Martin
Week Six (August 27):
Q&A Table talk with VT-ers: How we got here and resources available of which younger designers to take advantage.The professional designers at VTI will join the workshops to answer questions, talk about life experiences, and share resources to assist younger designers entering into the workplace.Led by Nicole Eng
Week Seven (September 3):
Keeping a Positive Mindset Under Stressful Conditions This final workshop wraps up the entire series with a heartfelt message of hope from our very own Jesse Fryery. Jesse Fryery


Q. Can I get internship credit for these workshops, towards my graduation?
A. We are willing to work with your school to see if that is possible. Let us know what is required.

Q. Do I have to attend every workshop?
A. We would prefer that you do, but it is not required. Please note that each workshop builds upon ideas and work presented in the previous workshop.  We hope to have a sample project that is shown in each class, and builds from class to class. This isn’t intended as homework for participants, but instead as a working example that grows based on each week’s class. 

Q. Will these workshops be recorded so I can watch them later?
A. We will see! We’ve never done this before, so we can’t promise anything yet, but our hope is to do that.