Technifex Themed Entertainment Association Event

Visual Terrain was ecstatic to get to light Technifex’s office and shop space for their In-Person Open House event on June 23, 2022. Both an industry mixer, and a celebration of the TEA’s 30th anniversary, this event felt like a reunion of the TEA’s Western North America Division, with over 200 attendees. We got to tour Technifex’s amazing facility, and see a few of their latest projects and products. A moving speech from Technifex CEO Monty Lunde, describing the history of the founding of the TEA, kept the audience enthralled. It was great to see so many friends together for the first time in a long while. Visual Terrain’s team of Senior Lighting Designer Jonathan Lebovic, Associate Principal Jeffrey Teeter, and Principal Designer Steven Young did an amazing job!

We’d like to offer special thanks to ETC and MPA, who donated fixtures to the event.