Visual Terrain to Speak at NFMT Remix in Orlando

Visual Terrain CEO and Principal-in-Charge Lisa Passamonte Green is a featured speaker at the National Facilities Management Technology Remix conference (NFTM/Remix) in Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday, November 10, at 9:30am. Joining her colleagues from the Germicidal Lighting Advisory Panel — Steve Birket, VP of Birket Engineering, and Brian Buholtz, President of Buholtz Professional Engineering — Lisa is speaking on “Let’s Get Back to Business: Future-Proofing Your Facility for Pandemics and Pathogens.”

The panel will discuss how the current pandemic has revealed flaws in the way facilities operate. “We have been lucky that previous infectious disease outbreaks were easily minimized,” Lisa said. “Facilities needs to address the way forward and what systems could have been in place to prevent outbreaks and avoid the severity of shut-downs, while also making the overall environments healthier.”